Video: Erik Roner Jumps Sled Off 800-Foot Cliff

Published online: May 13, 2013 News Tyrell Marchant
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Erik Roner, who has already made a name for himself in extreme sports circles for his skiing and BASE jumping escapades, has now officially gotten our attention over here at SnoWest.

In honor of his friend and mentor Shane McConkey, who died in a BASE jumping accident in 2009, Roner chose to dispose of McConkey's snowmobile in style. With former pro snowboarder Jim Rippey helping with the stunt's logistics, Roner went to Fernie, BC, to BASE jump the sled off an 800-foot cliff.

Lest anyone back home should not believe his tale, Roner provided the world with video footage of his jump. We recommend skipping to about the 3:25 mark; that's when things get really interesting. 

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