April 2, 2013

A New Bike Rises From The Ashes

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A New Bike Rises From The Ashes
The World Wide Web is brimming with two-strokes in varying degrees of decrepitude and a wide variety of prices. And, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Clark’s starting point was a complete bike with a good frame, old-but-refreshable suspension

Starting with the motor, Clark used a Hot Rods Bottom End Kit to fully rebuild the lower-end. After that, Millennium Technologies repaired the cylinder and head and dropped in a Vertex cast piston. With radiator straightening from ICW Bike Stands, all of

To mod out the rest of the CR, the suspension was rebuilt using Pivot Works fork and shock rebuild kits and a steering stem bearing kit, the clutch was freshened up with Hinson fibers, steels and springs and the intake system got a Uni Two-Stage Air Filte

You’d be hard pressed to find a better learning tool than a 125cc two-stroke. Buck 25s tend to make new riders feel safe while also preventing better riders from becoming lazy. On this Honda, I was surprised with how lacking the power was, but at the same time I had fun challenging myself to carry as much speed as possible around the tight Milestone track that we tested on. The engine did next to nothing without excessive RPM, but once it got on the pipe the little Honda came to life with a nice mid-range hit that transitioned into a flat yet cleanly-jetted top end. The clutch was tiptop, a good thing considering how much you use it on a bike that must be shifted several times between and through each and every corner. With a soft character, the suspension was forgiving, allowed the bike to settle in turns and withstood hard hits and chop better than I expected. You have to look at this bike for what it is: a cost-effective, beginner friendly platform that is super fun despite its well-used condition. I’d encourage anyone out there looking for a cheap way to get into the sport to follow this same route and consider refurbishing a used 125. You’ll learn some mechanical skills in the process, and the end result will be well worth it. —Chris Denison/ 5’10?/ 155 lb/ Intermediate

Read more: http://www.dirtrider.com/features/2000-honda-cr125/#ixzz2PKBiWkfe

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