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When it comes to talking about mountains--and to some degree, snowmobiling--much of that talk surrounds the Sierra Nevada Range. No doubt that the Sierra Nevadas deserve some well-deserved recognition as a great snow play area. And while skiing gets the lion’s share of the “ink” when it comes to playing in the snow, there are snowmobiling opportunities.

But the Sierra Nevadas aren’t the only place to play in the snow in Nevada. On the other side of the state, near Elko, there is riding north (Ruby Mountains) and south of town. Another small area is north of Winnemucca in the Santa Rosa Mountains, as well as down near Ely at Ward Mountain. Between Reno and Ely is the Toiyabe Range, near Austin, where there is also some snowmobiling.

There is more to Nevada than just the Lake Tahoe area.

According to the government, Nevada is the most mountainous state in the country, with more than 300 individual mountain ranges and 42 named summits over 11,000 feet.

Snows are wet, dense and deep as they enter Nevada (Nevada is Spanish for snow-laden or snow-covered) on the Sierra Nevada side around Lake Tahoe, but dry out as they cross the state.

Elko is one of the areas that most actively promotes snowmobiling in its part of the state. Lake Tahoe does as well, although alpine skiing is still king there.

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