February 22, 2013

Idaho H 116 Being Held In Committee Indefinitely

Idaho H 116, the bill proposing that registrations for snowmobiles and other recreation vehicles be transferred from the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) to the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD), is being held in committee indefinitely. This is probably good news for snowmobilers.

We received this message from Sandra Mitchell, executive director of the Idaho Recreation Council:

The following members of the House Transportation and Defense Committee should be thanked for voting to hold H 116 in committee indefinitely.  Please send them a thank-you message. It doesn’t have to be long; just let them know their support was appreciated and noted.

Joe Palmer, Chairman                                  jpalmer@house.idaho.gov                          

Paul Shepherd                                                   pshepherd@house.idaho.gov

JoAn Wood                                                    jawood@house.idaho.gov

Linden Bateman                                                lbateman@house.idaho.gov

Lawerence Denney                                          ldenney@house.idaho.gov

Terry Gestrin                                                      tgestrin@house.idaho.gov

Brandon Hixon                                                   bhixon@house.idaho.gov

 Mark Patterson                                                 mpatterson@house.idaho.gov

Rick Youngblood                                                ryoungblood@house.idaho.gov

Pioneer Country Travel Council

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