Sorry I Missed Your Call (Part 2)

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Published online: Dec 15, 2012 White Out & Wide Open—The Blog
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           If you did indeed try to reach me at word during these last few days, you most likely got my answering machine. And to be totally honest, I really wasn't that sorry to miss your call. I was riding.

            I've managed to be on the snow four times in the last seven days (soon to be six times in 10 days). So I'm doing my best to get back in riding condition. (Getting out of bed has certainly gotten a lot more difficult in the morning.)

            The first day I only went over the handle bars once. Day two saw me going over the bars twice. Day three I went over three times. Talk about your crash course in getting into riding shape.

On the fourth day I decided to spend some quality "seat" time.  We kept the ride confined to some trail miles to check on snow conditions in a lower elevation area. (I'm getting too old and too bruised to keep up the pace of the first three days.)