Sex And The Single Snowmobiler

Published online: Nov 24, 2012 White Out & Wide Open—The Blog Steve Janes Blog
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           Let's be perfectly clear . sometimes people can be just shameless when it comes to promoting their product.

            For example, when I write a blog, I do it out of love for the sport. However, if I were to do it for, let's say, trying to increase web traffic, I would use certain words that would generate more interest on search engines. WARNING: Material of sexual nature.

            Instead of writing about stock sleds and mountain riding, I would use code words. For example, a stock sled could be referred as a NUDE or even NAKED "love machine" which would capture a lot of search hits. Instead of project sleds, we say XXX "no one under 18 years of age allowed" stuff. "We'd call stuff SLEAZY and refer to ASIAN or HOT CANADIAN WOMEN when talking about our snowmobiles. Touring sleds could be described in French terms and cylinders could be called BIG JUGS. And I won't even go where two strokes and big bores could take us.

            But all of this would naturally cast a bigger net in attracting people to this blog.

So all you sexy singe snowmobilers who are lonely and want some company for some steamy action . aren't you glad I don't stoop that low?



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