Pretty Sled

Published online: Nov 17, 2012 White Out & Wide Open—The Blog Steve Janes Blog
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            The other day I noticed a very pretty sled sitting in my neighbor's driveway. It looked pearl white and as shiny as they come.

            Knowing my neighbor, who is also my riding buddy, I didn't think he would pick out something so clean and pure that would restrict his riding in the trees. So I asked him the story about why the sled was in his driveway.

            "It's not mine," he explained. "It belongs to a friend who ordered the special edition package."

            So I asked why he had it in his driveway.

            "My friend asked to keep it at my place. He thinks if it's here, we will take him riding with us."

            The thoughts just exploded in my mind. A pretty white sled in perfect condition; a wannabe snowmobiler who has likely never left a groomed trail; and an early season ride into bottomless slow down steep rugged terrain inhabited by trees. This sounds like a recipe for disaster.

            So I asked: "Does he know the most people who have ridden with us don't like to ride with us?"

            "Oh, he thinks it would be fun to try it once." And that's usually all it takes.

            I do sort of feel bad for the guy. A pretty white sled in perfect condition just naturally has a built-in tree magnet. I'll be sure to bring a camera.


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