November 25, 2012

FXR Renews Contract With Bret Rasmussen

Oak Bluff, Manitoba - FXR has announced its continued ties with Bret Rasmussen as a Team FXR R&D test rider.

Rasmussen spends 150 plus days a year on snow covered mountains riding and schooling snowmobile enthusiasts around the world. Rasmussen teaches his “Rasmussen Style” of mountain riding in the most extreme conditions. His expertise in riding in all weather conditions is the perfect storm for the research and development team at FXR.

“We are extremely excited to continue working with Bret who brings his years of wisdom to our R&D team,” Doug Rust, of FXR, said. “I can’t think of another person who spends so much time riding in the snow. His proficiency on the mountain has already proven that our products are engineered for the ultimate test of standing up to long hours on the mountain with an elite level rider pushing the limits of his machine, body and gear.”

With an emphasis on quality construction, superior fit, fully functional venting and FXR exclusive MMT Two Stage Dry technology, FXR is confident the product is ready to challenge new terrain and riders.

“Competitive. That’s the word," Rasmussen said. "We do not want to follow the pack; we want to be the leader. That’s what it is all about.”

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