October 4, 2012

SnoWest Newsletter - October 4th, 2012

Paying Attention

Last week there was a news story posted on SnoWest.com that looked at the EPA’s four-gallon minimum mandate at the gas stations. The intent of the mandate was to avoid a situation where someone pumping E10 fuel in a small container doesn’t get stuck with E15 fuel that is left in the gas hose.


There are a couple of issues that gets swept under the rug with this EPA proposal.


First, does the EPA have a right to mandate a minimum amount of fuel purchased? Could they mandate that you only fuel your vehicle with 10 gallons of fuel? Or 18 gallons? Maybe they can mandate a maximum amount you can purchase. Is it even any business of the EPA how much fuel you want to purchase?


Second, if E15 is harmful to small engines, why is the EPA pushing so hard to put more ethanol in the fuel? Why mandate a type of fuel that ruins certain engines? Why not just let the marketplace decide what types of fuel should be sold.


Perhaps the EPA is one of those federal agencies that over-step its power and authority in an effort to expand its bureaucracy.


Sometimes it’s these little stories that shed light on bad things that lay in store.  


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