I Got Gas

Published online: Oct 18, 2012 White Out & Wide Open—The Blog Steve Janes Blog
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           Talk about acid reflex . the other day I had my local fuel distributor deliver gas to my home and the invoice left me with major heartburn. We're paying more than $4 for a gallon for premium (non-ethanol) gas this fall and when you fill a large tank, you practically need to take out a second mortgage on your home to cover the bill.

            The interesting thing about fuel prices is that it seems to peak every four years . right near election time. And we're about as close to election time as it gets.

For diehard snowmobiles, whether we pay $2 or $4 for a gallon of fuel doesn't stop us from snowmobiling. But it does tend to limit our traveling range to find the best snow. We're more apt to stay reasonably close to home rather than drive to some of those great "out of the way" locations to ride. In other words, we'd rather put the gas in our sleds than in our trucks.

We are hoping that by the time the winter gets in full swing, this election cycle will be over and we will have chosen politicians who will not only talk the talk but walk the walk when it comes to a comprehensive energy program that will expend North America's role in becoming energy efficient.

Until then, I'll just sublet my basement out so I can afford to put premium fuel in my vehicles.


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