SnoWest Newsletter - Sept. 14th, 2012

Published online: Sep 12, 2012 White Out & Wide Open—The Blog
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Hay Days-The Start of Winter

           If you need an excuse to dust off your snowmobile and get excited for winter, nothing beats Hay Days. Thousands go there. Even more thousands claim that they want to go there if they could only get off work . or a hundred other excuses.

But the bottom line is it is the unofficial start of winter.

             Although there isn't one thing that makes Hay Days such a big event, there are lots of little things the attract snowmobilers-grass drags, swap meets, aftermarket displayers, new snowmobile intros, enthusiasts-just collecting as a crowd of like-minded people have made it an event.

So now that winter is here, or at least close enough that we can smell the fragrance of two-cycle oil, its time to pull the sled out of storage and put fresh fuel in the tank.

            It may not have snowed yet, but who wants to be caught unprepared. Let's ride.

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