August 14, 2012

On the road again (Part 2)

            Summer is that awkward time between spring riding and winter; when we make the big choice whether we’re going to keep our sled for another season or trade it off for something new.

            The nice part about summer is that eventually it becomes fall. And that’s when some of those open houses occur at favorite snowmobile dealerships. One such is happening this weekend at Seeley Lake, MT.

            Kurt’s Polaris is pulling all stops to make its third annual “Snow Check Party” a huge event. To set up Saturday’s open house, Kurt’s Polaris is hosting a Round of Golf to promate the Montana Snowmobile Association.

            Well, since I find a great way to pass summer is by playing pasture pool, this provides a great excuse to head on up to Seeley Lake to spend some time with Curtis Friede, Levi  Lavallee, Chris Burandt, Dan Adams, Keith Curtis and a bunch of other notables in the snowmobile industry.

            The golfing is on Friday (Aug. 17). The open house is Saturday (Aug. 20). Hopefully I’ll see you there.


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