Study: Snowmobilers Pump $680 Into State Economy

Published online: May 11, 2012 News
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Watertown, NY

It wasn't the best winter for snowmobiling, but the New York State Snowmobiling Association is still touting the economic benefits of the popular recreational activity.

SUNY Potsdam recently updated an economic assessment showing those who hit the trails provided a more than $680 million boost to the state.

Association Executive Director Dominic Jacangelo said it's information the group wants to share with elected officials.

"Both on a local level and on a state level, this activity produces jobs and produces economic benefits," he said.

He said the SUNY Potsdam study also shows that the average New York snowmobiler spends more than $3,000 a year on snowmobiles and snowmobile-related activities.

This figure does not include the $45 registration fee required for each sled every year.

Complete results of the study will be released later this year.

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