An Avalanche That Collapses On Norwegian Snowmobilers

Published online: Apr 18, 2012 News
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This is pretty dramatic footage of an avalanche that catches snowmobilers watching from the bottom of the hill.

A group was engulfed by a huge avalanche near Tromso and it was all captured on video. They tried to out run the slide but failed. Fortunately everyone was found alive. 

The group was out on their snowmobiles on a blue sky day after a recent fall of powder.

One of them heads up into the snow pack and sets off a massive avalanche that engulfs those at the bottom.

The video was shot by 20-year old, Magnus.

Despite being hit by the avalanche, Magnus, and everyone else involved were able to dig themselves out and were none the worse for their close call.

Just another reminder to stay safe.

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