January 19, 2012

SnoWest Steve Janes Blog - Jan 19th

Finding Snow

 Last week I actually spent three days out on the snow … and the riding wasn’t too bad. One day I was in Togwotee, WY, where the higher elevations have about as much snow as anywhere around. The downside is that there was no fresh snow so you had to look hard to find areas without tracks.

Later in the week I was riding along the eastern Idaho/Western Wyoming border. Again, the snow was marginal in the areas under 7,500 feet elevation or on any south-facing slope where the sun and wind could cut it.

In the tight canyons that don’t get much sunlight (and many snowmobilers), there was some pretty good riding. But you had to work to find it.

It will be nice once winter finally arrives when we don’t have to search to find good snow. But until then, the best riding is for those who work the hardest to find it.


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