January 28, 2012

Rev Arc Ramp

Everybody needs to load a sled into the back of a pickup at some point. Finding a ramp that stays in place and doesn’t require that you hit it with enough speed to clear the truck’s front bumper just to make it into the bed is challenging. Or is it?

We tested the new Rev Arc Sled Ramp by Bosski last season and although we were initially put off by its over-engineered design, we changed tunes the first time we drove a sled up it.

The Rev Arc ramp is designed so that the track contacts the ramp before the skis do so there’s no chance of pushing the ramp up and off the tailgate. The design also provides constant positive traction, allowing the sled to crawl up the ramp at safe speeds—you don’t need momentum to carry you over the apex. The Rev Arc ramp also features a curved top transition, taking the point out of where the ramp meets the tailgate.

A ratcheting strap ties the ramp to the truck’s hitch or bumper so that there is no way for the track to spin the ramp out from under the sled. Blue ski runner guides keep the skis from pushing out to the edge of the ramp.

The Rev Arc Sled Ramp weighs 47 lbs., which isn’t bad compared to other tri-fold ramps we’ve used.

The Rev Arc Sled Ramp consists of four main sections that fold in on each other. Overall, the folded size is slightly larger than the typical tri-fold ramp. It takes a little more effort to set up initially, but once you use it you won’t be bothered by that.

The Rev Arc Sled Ramp retails for $329.99.

Company: Bosski

Website: www.revarc.com

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