SnoWest Newsletter - Nov. 3

Now that your new sled is here .

Published online: Nov 04, 2011 White Out & Wide Open—The Blog
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Now that your new sled is here .

            After waiting all summer in anticipation for this year's snowmobile, the call finally came from the local dealership to come pick up your sled. Now what?

            Well, we have a few more weeks before the snow depth builds up to the point where you don't risk losing the entire front of your sled to a rock or a stump. But by darn, it's here; you have your sled and you want to enjoy it.

            Now is the time to accessorize your snowmobile (even if it's last year's sled). Now is the time to add power, performance and/or bling-anything that makes your sled unique and more special than the snowmobiles your buddies ride.

            Good news. The latest issue of Mod-Stock should be coming in the mail soon for our subscribers . or to the newsstand for those looking. This year's Mod-Stock issue is tucked inside the December issue of SnoWest and features hundreds of great products that will enhance your snowmobiling experience.

            It may be just a little too early to ride ...  but it's never too early to prep your ride.

SnoWest Newsletter - November 3, 2011

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