October 18, 2011

LaVallee's 2nd Attempt at Red Bull: New Year, No Limits

Levi LaVallee appears to have healed up just fine from his big wreck while practicing for the 2010 Red Bull: New Year, No Limits distance jump last December.

In fact, he’s doing so well that word is he’s planning a second attempt at the distance jump for the 2011 Red Bull: New Year, No Limits event. And if everything goes as planned, this event will be even bigger than what was planned for last year. While we weren’t able to get official confirmation, inside sources tell us that LaVallee’s snowmobile jump will coincide with a distance jump by fellow Red Bull athlete Robbie Maddison, who headlined the 2008 Red Bull: New Year, No Limits tour with a jump up onto and back off of the Arc de Triomphe at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel.

Follow any updates at www.redbullusa.com.

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