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Published in the September 2011 Issue Published online: Sep 21, 2011 White Out & Wide Open—The Blog
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Are you tired of scorching hot clutches and burning belts? Give your sled the benefit of cold air. If you don't give that hot air a way to mix with colder air, the temperature inside will rise until a breaking point is hit and the sled stops working.

Belts and clutches are easy targets as the breaking point. Proper cooling solves the problem. Not only will Xtreme Air Vents help with cooling, they are made to last. Just getting near the trees is sometimes enough to damage those "other guy's" vents.

Xtreme Air Vents are strong enough for all extreme riders. They are made of 16-gauge perforated aluminum with a super strong coated mesh covering. All clutch side vents have an extra layer of OEM spec waterproof material between the aluminum and the mesh to keep the fine powder and water out.

The vents can be ordered in any color: blue, yellow, red, white or black. They are available for Ski-Doo, Arctic Cat and Polaris sleds.

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