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Product Review:Snobunje 9-Inch Folding Saw

Snobunje 9-Inch Folding Saw

Published in the February 2011 Issue Published online: Feb 26, 2011 Feature, Product Tests
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If you do much boondocking through trees, you know the one tool that is necessary to pack is a saw.

On a ride just the other day, one of the riders who had forgotten his saw asked if anyone else in our group had one with them. Once he found out we had our saw, he was ready to go riding. "We can't go riding without a saw," was his comment.

We carry the Snobunje 9-inch folding saw in our backpacks everywhere we go. This lightweight tool has gotten us out of more trouble as well as helped us through some tough spots. Snobunje offers a sturdy, steel handle saw that features razor-sharp "gator teeth" that are taper-ground and offset to chew quickly through any type of tree or brush.

The saw features a thumb latch safety release that allows it to fold out and lock securely in place.

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