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Product Review:Fog Shield

Published in the February 2011 Issue Published online: Feb 26, 2011 Feature, Product Tests
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Vision is critical when you're riding extreme terrain. You can't afford to have any aspect of your sight blurred or limited. And you likely can't afford to buy new goggles for every snowmobile ride.

Bausch and Lomb has released a new anti-fog treatment designed to extend the life of your goggles while keeping the lens clear and clean. FogShield Sport offers a twin pack of goggle treatment towelettes-similar to handwipes-which allow you to apply an invisible shield across the surface of the goggles quickly and easily.

The original FogShield Sport anti-fog treatment and lens cleaner are individually packaged with a two-step process-pre-moistened towelettes and buffing cloths. Its unique formula redistributes moisture, preventing the lens from fogging.

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