Avalanche Awareness Classes

Still time to take one this season

Published online: Feb 09, 2011 News
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Even though we're about half-way through the winter riding season, there is still time to take an avalanche awareness class from the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation.


Here is a schedule of the remaining classes:


South Idaho  

Contact: Jonathan Okerlund (208) 921-6404 or Todd Wernex (208) 514-2413

DATE              LOCATION

Feb. 3              Fairfield (classroom) - 7 p.m. at American Legion Hall (USFS Sawtooth Avalanche Center)

Feb. 4              Gooding (classroom) - 7 p.m. at Gooding Fairgrounds

Feb. 5              Fairfield/Gooding (field) - 8 a.m. at Chimney Creek parking lot

Feb. 11            Pine/Featherville (classroom) - 7 p.m. at Pine Motel

Feb. 12            Pine/Featherville (field) 8 a.m. at Trinity warming hut


East Idaho  

Contact: Pat Carlson (208) 520-5387 or Michael Robinson (208) 525-7121

DATE              LOCATION

Feb. 11            Island Park (classroom) - 7 p.m. at Ponds Lodge

Feb. 12            Island Park (field) - 8 a.m. at Big Springs parking lot

Feb. 25            Preston (classroom) - 7 p.m. at Robinson Building

Feb. 26            Preston (field) - 8 a.m. at Copenhagen parking lot


North Idaho  

Contact: Scott Hildesheim (208) 215-9550 or Marc Hildesheim (208) 769-1511

DATE              LOCATION

Feb. 11            Bonners Ferry (classroom) - 7 p.m. at USFS Building

Feb. 12            Bonners Ferry (field) - 8 a.m. at Falls Creek parking lot

Feb. 18            Elk City (classroom) - 7 p.m. at USFS Building

Feb. 19            Elk City (field) - 8 a.m. at USFS parking lot


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