December 16, 2010

Rox Flex-Tec Handguards

Rox Speed FX
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RoxThe new Flex-Tec Handguards were designed and developed by Rox with support from Skinz Protective Gear and designed specifically for snowmobiles and the needs of trail, racing and mountain riders.

The flexible backbone is incredibly durable, allowing the guards to twist and flex in the event of a roll-over yet provide sufficient protection for frontal impacts. There is a simple, 4-position mounting option on the guard to the billet mount to ensure proper placement in front of hand. The Flex-Tec design creates more of a pocket of protection versus conventional flatter guards with an added benefit of extended lower flashing to keep wind and cold away from your fingertips.

Each handguards kit comes complete with billet mounts, backbone supports, soft guard, and all hardware. All that is needed on the handlebars is one-half inch of exposed bar for installation. They are available in black with white screen-print and black with black screen print.

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