December 16, 2010

Leatt ADVenture Neck Brace

Wahl Bros. Racing
(218) 782-2295 or

Leatt braceThe Leatt ADVenture is an injection-molded, glass-reinforced, nylon neck brace system. The design of the Leatt ADVenture prevents the helmet/head from projecting over the brace and therefore prevents a fulcrum action, which has been documented in literature pertaining to the use of collar devices.

The Leatt ADVenture works with most types of body armor and chest protectors. Over long distances, the Leatt ADVenture will also offer some relief from neck fatigue. The Leatt ADVenture is compatible with all motorcycle helmet types and its design allows riders an adequate range of movement. Size small is recommended for boys age 4-16 and ladies, medium size is recommended for all others.

Hi-Performance Engineering, Inc
Beaver Creek Lodge

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