Panhandle Snowmobile Club Publishes New Trail Map

Published online: Nov 30, 2010 News
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We received a note back in August from Oregon's Panhandle Snowmobile Club alerting us that it had recently published a new snowmobile trail map.


It seems they were prompted to redo their map because the area had received not-so-hot reviews of the snowmobile trail map for their area of Northeast Oregon from SnoWest readers who were ranking the top areas to ride for the Top 15 Trails in the West, which we publish each year. This would be a good time to point out that it is our readers who vote on the annual survey-those scores aren't the views of SnoWest editors.


Here's what Whitey Bloom, president of the Panhandle Snowmobile Club, wrote in a note to us, "We now believe we have taken care of that deficiency and have produced a map of our area, supported by our local businesses and major snowmobile dealers in our general area."


Along with his note, Bloom sent us some maps and indeed, they are very nice. So you voters out there who might take the trails survey next year, take note of the new map.

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