Product Review: Aggressive Handling

C&A Pro skis designed to bite

Published in the September 2010 Issue Published online: Sep 22, 2010 New Products, Product Tests
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C&A SkisIf you're an aggressive snowmobiler who flies down the mountain trail, the one thing you want is a snowmobile that responds instantly to your actions. What you don't want is one that washes through the corners and has a tendency of wrapping around a tree.

C&A Pro skis are perhaps the most aggressive ski on the market when it comes to high-speed cornering. For something which is initially designed to slip and slide, the C&A ski literally is designed to create directional traction on the snow. Its unique design features penetrating edges for maximum bite. It's an all-in-one plastic ski and spindle mount, offering flexibility and rough terrain absorption.

This past winter we threw a set of C&A Pro skis on our Arctic Cat HCR to see how it would handle both on and off the trail. On the trail, C&A skis were significantly more aggressive (read precise turning) than the stock skis. However, with the improved handling came a much heavier turning handlebar. At low speeds, you really had to put some muscle behind it to get the bars to turn . but not so much a fast speeds.

Off the trail the C&A skis provided good handling and excellent flotation. The ski is 43 inches long, six inches wide and weighs just less than seven pounds with the wear bar. It comes with a three-year warranty.

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