Ultimate Sports Announces Update On Large Contract Negotiations With Major Snowmobile Manufacturer

Published online: Jun 22, 2010 News
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LAFAYETTE, Ind., -- Ultimate Sports, a manufacturer and supplier to the recreational vehicle industry, announced an update on negotiations with a major snowmobile manufacturer for the purchase of production skis.


Negotiations with this major manufacturer will allow USI to mass-produce its "Best Ski in the Industry" award-winning X2 skis in-house. More specifically, when complete, USI will be producing large quantities of the race proven X2 skis. The ultra high-performance skis will be utilized on the manufacturer's best top of the line snowmobiles. A finalized contract will also facilitate greatly increased production for USI's parts and accessories division.


Kevin Metheny, President of Ultimate Sports, said, "We know that in our 23 years of business this will be the largest contract for USI for a single ski ever. The demand will require us to produce our race proven award-winning skis at a phenomenal pace for a major manufacturer. This will change the future of USI and immediately increase our revenue, possibly doubling it. Not only does this deal reflect our presence in the market but can be leveraged to incrementally increase business with other OEMs."


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