March 8, 2010

World Snowmobile Expo Is THIS Weekend

World Snowmobile Expo Is THIS Weekend

If you haven’t had the chance to see the model year 2011 snowmobiles yet. Or you haven’t caught any Mountain West Racing action so far this year. Or seen some most excellent freestyle tricks recently. Or …


Then this is your weekend to do it all in one place.


The World Snowmobile Expo starts this Friday and continues through Sunday and has all that and more. For a detailed list of events, log on to:


A recent change in the schedule relating to Mountain West Racing races for the weekend is that there will be two complete racing events, one on Friday and another spread out over Saturday and Sunday. Previous cancellations in MWR’s race schedule earlier this season necessitated the change and that’s good news for race fans who will now get to see two complete race events. The attached PDF details the race schedule for the three days.

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