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Published in the March 2010 Issue Published online: Mar 24, 2010 New Products
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HaberVision EliminatorHaberVision addresses the issue of goggle fogging with a straightforward performance-driven design: The Eliminator. The Eliminator is a self-contained, humidity sensor activated fan module that mounts inside your goggle and is powered by one AAA battery.

Due to its unique sensor-activated design, it works only when needed. If you fall and the humidity inside the goggle starts to rise, the sensor will activate the fan and it will move the warm moist air from inside your goggle to the outside. When you get going and natural airflow takes over again, the sensor will turn the fan off. Goggle manufacturers have improved goggle no-fog performance over the years with better anti-fog coatings and improved venting systems. The Haber Eliminator adds another layer of protection, making your goggle even more impervious to fogging. The Eliminator retails for $65 and fits most popular goggle models.

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