Brite-Lites Euro Clear Trailer LEDs

Published in the December 2009 Issue Published online: Dec 09, 2009 New Products
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Brite-LitesBrite-Lites Euro Clear Trailer LED lights are a simple and easy replacement light for all trailers. These lights include highly visible LEDs that produce a brighter light than ordinary bulbs. They run cooler and last several times longer than regular trailer lights. They work on any 12-volt system and use much less energy.

The lights are available in oval, round or square shapes, molded in clear plastic lens, with red or amber LEDs, to replace trailer tail and marker lights. With the crystal clear lens and bright LEDs, your trailer will look sharp and have long-lasting, durable lights to last the life of the trailer. They plug right into the current trailer's wiring harness and rubber grommets. They are $8.99 each.

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