December 9, 2009

AP&P Drag Sled Hits The Grass

Hits 287 hp at 8800 rpm

A summer ago, when we were in Edmonton, AB, Canada, we stopped by the shop of Absolute Power & Performance to see owner Jarrid Juse. While he was showing us his modded Polaris 700 RMK (“AP&P Custom Sled Stirs The Juices,” SnoWest, November, 2009, page 22) we noticed another project in the corner that he was working on.

It’s a drag sled Juse wanted to create to race. We asked him then to let us know when he got it done so we could see some pictures of it and know the final specs.

Here’s what the new AP&P drag sled looks like on paper.

Juse made a custom-built Ski-Doo ZX chassis specifically for grass and asphalt racing. It uses an AP&P deep tunnel with an ’06 136-inch Ski-Doo Rev/Renegade modified rear suspension. There’s also a Boss seat.

The engine is an 809 triple ported powerplant with a custom-built Boostwurx 66 Series Turbo kit. Juse has hit a very impressive 287 hp at 8800 rpm with 12 psi of boost. We can only imagine that this sled screams down the track.

Other features include Hyvo chain and gears, lightweight trailing arms, a carbon fiber/Kevlar hood, Digitron/Autometer gauges and a Polaris primary with a Ski-Doo roller secondary.

Here are some pictures of what the finished product looks like. FYI, “finished product” might be used loosely, as our experience shows us that Juse is never really done with a sled. He’s always working on something.

For more information, contact AP&P (780) 460-9101 or

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