Klim Adrenaline Boot

Published in the September 2009 Issue Published online: Sep 23, 2009 New Products
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Klim bootThe Klim Adrenaline GTX Boot was the first and only snowmobile-specific boot that carries the Gore-Tex Guaranteed To Keep You Dry promise. Over the last three years the Adrenaline has proven to be the best all-around boot for a wide range of riders. Klim is introducing for the 2010 season the all-new Adrenaline GTX Boot.

Through the use of newer materials and updated design, the boot's breathability has been dramatically increased to allow more sweat to be transported outside of the boot resulting in dry feet from the inside out. One other major upgrade to the Adrenaline is the offset lacing system. The entire lacing system on the lower half of the boot is offset to the inside of the boot. This allows the boot to fit better around the narrow part of the foot and also allows the laces to remain tighter during the lacing process.

The boot will be available this fall in men's sizes 5-14 and retails for $189.99.

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