March 27, 2009

Speedwerx Billet Exhaust Valves

SpeedwerxThe new Speedwerx Billet Exhaust Valves are machined out of 7075 aluminum and teflon plated to help prevent carbon buildup. Speedwerx valves are lighter than stock (stock 800 Valve = .40 lb/Stock 1000 Valve = .45 lb/Speedwerx valves = .15 lb) and are also easier to grind and match to ported cylinders. An added bonus is that they are also less expensive than the OEM valves.

The Arctic Cat 2007-09 800cc Speedwerx valves are $109.95 as are the Cat 2007-09 1000cc valves.

Contact Speedwerx (651) 982-6020 or

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