Lead-Dog Helmet Light Now Has More Light Output

Published in the March 2009 Issue Published online: Mar 27, 2009 New Products
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HelmetlightHelmetlight, the maker of the Lead-Dog Helmet Light, has once again increased the light output of its Helmet Light. Without increasing the wattage draw, the new 35-watt bulb puts out 30 percent more illumination.

The new 35-watt bulb was released last September and is in all new Helmet Lights, but is also available for easy replacement in earlier units.

The Lead-Dog Helmet Light works for all 12-volt systems, AC or DC. It is lightweight (8 oz.) because it operates off the vehicle's own electrical system or battery. It is attached to the helmet with a proven Velcro system.

The Helmet Light retails for $84.95.

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