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Published in the January 2009 Issue Published online: Jan 07, 2009 New Products
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Buddy TowStories of sledders breaking down on the trail and in the backcountry were the inspiration for the development of the Buddy Tow, a sheet of slick, tough HMW plastic that attaches to the track of a broken down snowmobile with a series of three bungee straps and hooks.

The Pro model fits any mountain sled and comes with a set of UHMW plastic runners to minimize fishtailing and the Lite model (without runners) fits on any short track.

helmetWhen using a Buddy Tow, it is unnecessary to remove the drive belt to tow and it works even if the track is locked up on the broken down sled. Tie it to a towing snowmobile and it glides across the snow with much less effort, saving wear and tear on the towing sled.

It comes rolled up in a small 16 x 4-inch package and can be stored on the sled, in a backpack or even left in a vehicle for when it's needed.

The Pro sells for $64.95 and the Lite is $44.95. A combo includes a Pro model and a 4-point tow kit for $76.95.

Contact Buddy Tow (800) 230-9401 or

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