R.U. Outside Fog eVader-Clava

Published in the December 2008 Issue Published online: Dec 10, 2008 New Products
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RU Outside Fog eVaderThe new Fog eVader-Clava from R.U. Outside is a unique and effective headwear piece. It combines a quality balaclava with the Fog eVader breath-deflector mask to give you visibility, warmth, protection and comfort in one.

Features include stretch fleece balaclava and neck that fits great inside a helmet, a fleece-lined neoprene face mask that blocks wind and snow, an inner membrane and breath-deflector nose piece to keep you fog-free, and it custom forms to nose and face for perfect fit.

The Fog eVader-Clava from R.U. Outside is black and retails for $44.95.

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