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Voltage ProAir Snow

Published in the October 2008 Issue Published online: Oct 20, 2008 New Products
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Capitalizing on the progressive design and fit of the new Voltage ProAir goggle, the Voltage ProAir Snow brings a new level of performance to snow goggles. Better performance is accomplished not only through frame design but by using proprietary snow-specific materials. Material technologies like a patented AMP Rose lens tint, which filters available light to highlight terrain contrasts, Winter Seal vent foam that was specifically created to exclude fine snow dust from the goggle interior and molded oversized HydroX face foam, which helps protect exposed facial areas from dangerous wind chill, help to enhance product function. This goggle also comes with a model-specific version of the extremely successful Polar Shield nose/face guard found on the 89Xi Turbo.

The goggles are available in black, white, blue, red and yellow

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