Avid Dual Path Drive Shaft For XPs

Published in the October 2008 Issue Published online: Oct 20, 2008 New Products
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Ski-Doo drive shaftDrive shafts are under tremendous loads when a sled is working hard. Not only in torsion, but the shaft also has to flex forward and backward as the suspension goes up and down.

Avid has designed a reinforcing tube to go inside the stock axle. It is machined for a zero/zero fit. This tube goes inside the outer pieces much farther than stock. This makes the shaft more rigid.

Both ends are welded to the stock shaft. The power now can flow from the chaincase side and be transferred to the clutch side. The weld on the power end of the stock shaft can be compromised and the sled will still work.

You can now feel better about driving into a hole and not worrying about our drive shaft breaking.

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