Sledders Lose Prime Riding Area

Located in northern Utah

Published online: Oct 10, 2003 Feature
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For many of us, our first exposure to Utah's Tony Grove area in northern Utah was when we saw the video, "Getting A Little Crazy at Tony Grove."

Now we're a little crazy about what's going on around Tony Grove. A 9,000-acre area north of the Tony Grove drainage, including the Bunch Grass, Steam Mill, White Pine Creek and Hells Kitchen drainages, have now been designated for non-motorized use. The area is up Logan Canyon. Go to, type in Tony Grove Lake and UT and you can kind of see the area being closed.

According to the Wasatch-Cache National Forest, approximately 2,000 of those acres are being closed in cooperation with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to protect critical big game winter range with the remaining acres being designated "for skiers to enjoy the setting without the sights, sounds and impacts of motorized use."

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