An Adrenaline Rush

Ski-Doo Summit 600

Published online: Oct 06, 2002 Feature
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A new name and a pumped up motor highlight the changes to Ski-Doo's 600cc snowmobile. The Sport has given way to the Adrenaline and an improved 600 H.O. motor sits in the belly.

The motor isn't entirely new, but darn close. Ski-Doo moved to a larger Series 3 engine block, used an 8-pedal reed valve (up from 6) and inserted nicasil cylinders with the end result being a 10 percent jump in horsepower compared to the Rotax 600cc Series 3 engine from a year ago. The last thing you want when busting powder is to be trudging along instead of powering along. The difference is when you're trudging, you're fighting the snow whereas when powering, you're playing. Playing is good. The engine is indeed an improvement.

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