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E-Z Off Trailer Slides

No 1 choice of snowmobilers since 1993

E-Z Off low profile wide slides are 3/8” thick, 8” wide and are available in 10ft. & 12ft. lengths

Advantages include, You can turn your skies out of them without lifting your sled, they don’t get in the way of loading ATV’s or whatever else you might load in your trailer, you are less apt to trip over them than the higher slides, less seams than 5ft. slides.

The extra countersunk slots allow you to cut a slide in half for ramps or whatever and have proper spaced slots at both ends of the shorter slide.

Slides are made of recycled milk bottles and a UV protector ant is added

Contact information:
(920) 733-2256
go to http://www.slideguides.com/ for a dealer near you


Go Big Parts and Accessories, LLC
Mountain View Historic Hotel

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